Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things Just Don't Seem Very Clear...

Like my grandson Henry, I'm finding my visibility just a bit murky. Despite the positive steps I've taken recently to get on with my life, I don't feel I'm making any progress towards real answers about what comes next. My future seems as illusive as ever.

I must admit to feeling a somewhat discouraged. All my life the next relocation, the next promotion, the next project, the next big thing has been my motivation. Waking up to realize there is no "next" on my calendar other than filler-appointments I've made to keep myself occupied, is enough to send me back to bed.

For me the carrot at the end of the stick has always been the motivation that kept me moving forward. It was the promise of change, reward, happiness ahead that spurred me to meet the challenges of each routine day. How do I learn to find joy and satisfaction in the moment, rather than continually reaching for what is just beyond reach?

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