Monday, June 25, 2012

Creativity is The Spoonful of Sugar Than Makes The Medicine Go Down.

     Sometimes life is hard to swallow, and it seems the older I become the harder it is to choke down the routine and repetition of the day-to-day. Now that I am retired, with all this marvelous time on my hands, I can hardly bare to waste it on the mundane. Unfortunately we must suffer through the ordinary stuff of living, in order to enjoy what few perks there are along the way. One of my goals has been to rediscover my own creativity and to put focused energy into the endeavor on a daily basis. Easier said than done. It is often difficult to stay motivated and inspired, and I must force myself to seek out stimulation. I am finding I don't have to go far.

    This past weekend I was invited by a long-time friend to attend, of all things, a adult puppet show (with brief puppet nudity). The event was being presented at a private home in her neighborhood.
I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and was admittedly a little apprehensive about attending. Still I reminded myself, nothing ventured nothing gained. How delighted I am that I stepped outside my comfort zone into this refreshing pool of creativity.

     Upon our arrival after a short walk around the block in the historic Fisher Park neighborhood of Greensboro , we were greeted by the relaxed smiles of other curious guests. We paid our modest fee, signed up for a door prize drawing (I was later one of the lucky winners), and enjoyed a glass of wine and popcorn on a charming veranda before the show. The vibrant decor colors signaled me I was in for a treat.

     Once inside the lovely 1920's bungalow, we were seated on an eclectic assortment of vintage chairs before a quaint brocade covered, velvet curtained stage. The writers/puppeteers introduced themselves, treated us to their theme song with piano accompaniment, and encouraged us to sing, laugh and applaud throughout the show whenever the spirit moved us. Laugh, sing and applaud we did indeed, with raucous enthusiasm. 

     The play "Rumpus In Rome" was an absolute hoot, with an amusing satirical script, colorful hand-painted sets, richly costumed puppet characters, and a  delightful musical score. The story surrounds the escapades of the Queen of England weary of celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and being ignored by her husband, as she plans a vanishing act, first to Florence and then to Rome, where the American Ambassador is giving a lavish ball. All is complicated by the Ambassador's unruly father making mischief at his senior care home back in the States, with escape plans of his own. It was a mixture of unexpected romance, an axe welding chef, a bit of frolicking in the famous Trevi Fountain, and some surprising guests at the ball... well, you had to be there to appreciate.

     The brilliance of these two delightfully creative women, their sense of play and wit, combined with their obvious intellect and many talents, made this home-grown puppet theater a true work of art. I went away with my own creativity, as well as my moral, boosted - and a brighter smile coming for the inside out. Creativity is contagious, and these ladies are definitely passing it on.

Visit for more scoop on their antics. 
Creators Deborah Seabrooke (left) and Marianne Gingher (right), both teachers and writers, with three of their hand-made puppets. A portion of the proceeds from their Jabberbox Puppet Theater goes to support educational opportunities at Lumpampa Basic School near Serenje, Zambia.

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." - Pablo Picasso

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